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                                 Pain Management

         How to Advice Patients Who Have Rhinitis

          A Good night Sleep Does More Than You Can Imagine to Take Care of the Symptom

                                                              to that of the skin. So, just as  the case of police, nurses, and  essential to find the cause of
                                                              your skin improves when you  soldiers who work at night and  their weakened immune system,
                                                              get a good night's sleep, you can  rest during the day. There are  provide intensive treatment for
                                                              maintain a healthy nasal mucosa  many cases where a simple cold  it, and at the same time fix the
                                                              throughout the day through a  or rhinitis does not heal well  unhealthy lifestyle that caused
                                                              sufficient amount of sleep. If  in a short time. The prognosis  the bad situation.
                                                              you stay up all night or go to  is even worse for the students
                                                              bed very late and only sleep  who have to study late at night  In fact, it is a recent study result
                                                              for a few hours for the various  and sleep less than the same age  that the human eye, nose, mouth,
                                                              excuses above, then even an  group. In the case of a patient  and ear itself have very few
                                                              adult will likely have a stuffy  who works or studies at night,  diseases due to their organic
                                                              nose or a cold the next day.  the treatment requires a longer  changes. Even in the case of
        △ The nasal mucous system is like our skin. It is required   The skin and nasal mucous  period, and the improvement of  a viral or bacterial infection,
        to have a sufficient sleep to maintain the system healthy for
        rhinitis patients. Imageⓒenvato-choreograph           system belong to 'yin' rather than  symptoms is evident only when  if the person's basic immunity
                                                              'yang' in Eastern Medicine, so  the work or study at night is  is sufficient unless it is very
                                   PC games that often stay up all  there is no problem throughout  stopped or rested.  specific, it is usually normal not
        By Winston Lee
                                   night, smartphone games that  the day if you charge the yin (陰                    to develop it. When a patient is
        L. Ac., Ph.D., KMD
                                   can be played in the car or  气) well at night, not during the  On the other hand, what is known  overworked or has trouble sleeping
                                   even in the bathroom, etc. to  day. However, as I mentioned  through various studies is that  properly, even minor viruses or
        In the 1970s through the 1990s,  be. Thanks to the 21st century's  above, if you do not sleep well at  growth hormone is also secreted  bacteria may be infected easily,
        there were not many things to  media, children never have a  night while watching YouTube  when they sleep at night. In  and it can cause inflammation,
        do after sunset. It was a daily  moment to be bored.  or playing games, the nasal  particular, in the case of growing  which leads to conjunctivitis,
        routine to go home before dinner                      mucosa does not have enough  children, growth hormone is  rhinitis, stomatitis, and middle
        time, eat, do school homework,  Because of this circumstance,  yin. The mucous system's ciliary  best secreted between 11 p.m.  ear infection. Therefore, even
        read a book, or listen to the  rhinitis has become very notorious  movement and regeneration do  and 2 a.m., and it is known that  in the case of rhinitis, it is
        radio before going to bed. But  these days. We have learned  not work well, so inflammation  normal growth can be achieved  necessary to use drugs to focus
        what about our kids these days?  through various modern studies  occurs easily. It is called 'rhinitis.'  only when sleeping well at this  on symptoms by controlling
        YouTube with millions of things  and experiments that the mucous                  time. Therefore, children need to  the runny and stuffy nose and
        to see, Netflix with thousands of  system of the nasal cavity has a  In light of the experience of  sleep well at this time, but it can  find an appropriate treatment
        dramas and movies, stimulating  characteristic that is quite similar  seeing patients with rhinitis, in  be a great help to their growth.  or behavior modification
                                                                                          The conclusion is that going to  method by carefully examining
                                                                                          bed at 3 a.m. and oversleeping  constitutional problems, dietary
                                                                                          until the next morning does not  problems, exercise, and sleep
                                                                                          help much for growth.      patterns.

                                                                                          In the end, rhinitis is able to  In Eastern Medicine, as mentioned
                                                                                          be treated when the whole  above, in the case -of 'Yin
                                                                                          body becomes healthy. If the  insufficient' rhinitis caused by
                                                                                          patient uses a drug to open up  fatigue or lack of sleep, if you
                                                                                          the nostrils because their nose  prescribe an herbal medicine
                                                                                          is stuffy, and if the patient uses  called 'nourishing yin(補陰)' that
                                                                                          a drug to dry their runny nose,  tonifies yin, it is not difficult
                                                                                          they can never treat the root  to improve symptoms and
                                                                                          cause of the symptom. When  maintain a good condition for
                                                                                          your patient has rhinitis, it is  a long time.


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